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This weekend we went to San Diego for the day. The San Diego Natural History Museum has a exhibit on Pompeii. I didn’t know much about the volcano (Mt. Vesuvius) or what happened in general, but am super interested in it. It was a pretty good exhibit that starts with a movie. It’s actually an excerpt of a documentary about Mt. Vesuvius and the surrounding areas. It gives you a good idea of what happened and the status of the volcano now. There are a lot of preserved artifacts and even some body casts of the victims. There was a lot of interesting stuff. Here is a link to the museum.

They also have dinosaur fossils and other good stuff you expect from a Natural History Museum.

I love manatees, so I had to take a picture with this one.

We packed a lunch and ate outside. It was a gloomy day, but we had fun.

Across the street from the Museum is the Casa Del Prado Theatre. It is a beautiful building, but I don’t know what’s going on inside.

There is a lot of fun stuff in the area besides the usual i.e. Sea World, Wild Animal Park. On the way home we stopped in Coronado for wine tasting at Wine Styles. Woo-woo!


  1. Hallie says

    You must have posted this before I started reading your blog! That’s um…my Museum. I do PR/marketing for SDNHM. Too funny! I didn’t know anything about Pompeii either until we got that exhibit. It was a good one.

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