Farmer's Market

A friend/co-worker and I went to the farmer's market during lunch. I got a basket of cherries, which I proceeded to eat immediately. "God made dirt so, dirt don't hurt." Yes, I ate the whole container. Yes, I have a problem when it comes to watermelon and cherries. I estimate I spend 30 to 40 dollars a week on cherries alone during cherry season. They are the reason I live and … [Read more...]

Today I love … my knock off brand conditioner

Because my hair was a rat's nest after my run this morning. I was so windy! The crazy wind managed to completely tangle my pony-tail into a ball of knots. I hate that. My trick to fix this is to put a ton of conditioner in my hair and comb it out in the shower. It is so much easier than trying to comb it out after you get out. Trust.Today started with oatmeal. I soaked it … [Read more...]

Don't call it Supper

I had a handful of yogurt covered pretzels and a couple of raisins while making dinner. They come from the bulk bin and are horrible for you. The nutrition information says they are 200 calories for 1/4 cup. I don't think that is right because the mix is mostly yogurt pretzels. You can only fit about 5 pretzels in a 1/4 a cup how is that 200? Dinner was a sweet potato, veggie … [Read more...]

Snack it up

I as hungry soon after lunch so I had an apple and a half a teaspoon of PB. Doesn't the apple look tiny in my massive, nail polish chipped hands? Nice. A little while later I had a Balance Bar and 2 melted to the canister pieces of dark chocolate. Then, because I am a female, I had 2 Hersey's kisses even though I can take or leave milk chocolate. Boo. The good … [Read more...]