Today I love … my knock off brand conditioner

Because my hair was a rat’s nest after my run this morning. I was so windy! The crazy wind managed to completely tangle my pony-tail into a ball of knots. I hate that. My trick to fix this is to put a ton of conditioner in my hair and comb it out in the shower. It is so much easier than trying to comb it out after you get out. Trust.

Today started with oatmeal. I soaked it overnight because I meant to make it Muesli thing morning, but it was too cold for that. This is the oatmeal I just use for oatmeal pancakes or Muesli, it was okay hot. Boo.
After that I had watermelon and cottage cheese with pina.

I was going to eat the world’s oldest naner with a Tbsp of PB, but I couldn’t . I like barely ripe bananas, you know where it’s still kinda hard and not squishy. This banana was on it’s last breath and I couldn’t do it. So, I ended up with a half of an english muffin with PB.


  1. Simple and Divine says

    Hey! I saw your blog on Chandra’s and had to check it out! I LOVE IT! So glad I clicked on your link! You honestly crack my ass up with every single post :) Sweet deal! Can I add you to my blogroll! You need some comments on here and def deserve it! Your blog is awesome! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday Monica!

  2. Monica says

    Hello Simple and Divine :)
    Yes! Feel free to add me on your blog roll. I took a look at your posts too, very cute and fun! I might add you too if it’s cool. I hope your foot is okay.

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