Fruit is for being healthy…

Chocolate is for dessert. That’s how it should be. I don’t like fruit for dessert. I like fruit for a treat – they are 2 different things. Today we celebrated the April birthdays at work and had make-your- own-Strawberry Shortcakes. Ehh. I feel like angel food cake is a waste of space. Actually, all it is is space. It’ just sugar and air. I like substance to my cake. I made a little shortcake because everyone was so excited about them but I threw half of it away. I don’t normally do that.

Lunch was Healthy Choice soup. It was some fiesta flavor that was just okay. I also threw some lettuce on a plate with some spray dressing (which I jacked from someone who keeps it in the fridge at work) and called it a salad. I had 4 TJ’s woven wheat crackers and the leftover kale chips with it. My kale chips were all soggy! Are they only good fresh out of the oven? Help! *Add: I also ran to Costco on my lunch to refill my watermelon supply and had a sample of some taquito thing and a bunch of grapes on the way back.

I had a naner and some PB a little bit ago. I am way to rough to own bananas. It was a perfect little yellow guy this morning and I managed to bang it all up by 4pm.

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