Avoid the conference room!!!

We are celebrating all the May birthdays at work today with a "Brownie Explosion" Party. Everyone is in there right now laughing and eating brownies. I don't even want to go near it, but we'll see how I hold up.I started lunch with a big salad topped with light balsamic. I thought I'd get my veggie requirement out of the way early since we are going out to eat tonight. This way … [Read more...]

So, um we kinda like cereal around here…

Today is a rest day since I have a long run planned for tomorrow. I just went for a long walk with the perros. Breakfast was a BIG bowl of a bunch of cereals with almond milk. I couldn't decide what cereal I wanted, so I had them all!I used all these cereals to make my bowl. After I was done with the bowl I had a little more of my favorites. I shouldn't have done that. Boo. … [Read more...]

I'm It!!!

I've been tagged by Simple and Divine! Yeah for me my first tag :)Here are the rules as I understand them:RULES: (1) Link your tagger(s) and post these rules (2) Share 5 unknown Facts about yourself (3) Pay it forward! Link 5 more bloggers and include their names in your post (4) Leave them a comment on their blog and let them know that … [Read more...]

Hammer, I mean Lunch Time!

I have a confession, I ate another half of a doughnut at some point this morning. It was just okay. I think I am convinced some foods are sooo good because I used to deny myself so much, but they are really just okay. Boo.I ate most of this packet of South Beach granola too. It's very fruity, not your usual granol-y. Since I ate so much already today I tried to make lunch a … [Read more...]

Today I love … being an up-to-date bloggy

I am back in business friends! I finally have the blog up to date and am totally on top of things.I feel current and relevant and successful. Okay, may be I am going too far there, but I am glad to be here!I went for a short bike ride with the BF first thing this morning. It was about 5.something miles. Then, I went for the same distance run.Breakfast was oat bran made with … [Read more...]

Wednesday All Day

I went for a short run in the morning then took the perros for a walk. It's was probably about an hour totalBreakfast was an oat bran pancake with a couple of blueberries tossed in. I also had about 1/2 a cup of egg beaters with ketchup. It was a very satisfying breakie since I've been craving pancakes so bad! I had a doctor's appointment before work. I stopped back at home to … [Read more...]

Back to Business Tuesday

In order to get caught up on the blog I am just going to break down Tuesday and Wednesday's eats. Sorry I am so behind on this! I will be a better blogger from now on.I went out for an about 5.6 or something mile run first thing in the morning.I snacked on some watermelon on my drive home. Breakfast was a mix of Kashi Go Lean, Flax Plus and Nature's Path granola with skim milk. … [Read more...]

Leaving San Francisco Monday …

I went for a run down by the water first thing in the morning. I was out for about an hour. There were a lot of other runners out and it was so nice to be running in a new place where I felt safe and not a weirdo for running.Breakfast was cereal with Kashi Trail Mix and milk. I also had some cherries and a piece of bagel with whipped cream cheese. We walked around Fisherman's … [Read more...]

San Francisco Sunday

Another great day in SF! I started the day with a run on the treadmill in the hotel gym. I used to always run on the 'mill - like 5 times a week because I hated running in my ghetto neighborhood. It was a nice little return to my running roots. Isn't that weird?Sunday Breakfast -I brought a mix of Kashi Go Lean and PB Puffins cereal and mixed in some of my Kashi Trail Mix with … [Read more...]

Saturday – San Francisco here we come

We stayed in San Simeon Friday night because we didn't want to worry about driving all the way up to San Francisco if traffic was horrible. So we woke up Saturday morning and took a nice little walk on the beach. It is beautiful up there. The beaches are rocky and picturesque and quiet (not full of peeps and stuff).I didn't run but I pretended to for the picture. Saturday … [Read more...]

Friday – Vacation Time!

Friday is normally a rest day for me, but I went for a long run since I would miss a quality weekend run while I was out of town. The weather was cold and windy - what is up with that? I am not used to that in So Cal, so I wanted to stop about half way through since it was starting to sprinkle. But, I powered through it and it didn't start raining at all! Yeah! I did about 11 … [Read more...]

Oh my gosh I have so much to catch up on!

Sorry for being gone over the l o n g weekend. I had so much fun. Here is a recap broken down a little to keep track.Thursday Dinner - Salad with egg and black beans, left over chickpea cutlets and sweet potato. This is one of my new favorite meals. I love it! Ben had never tried a PB smoothie, so I made one for him. It came out just okay, which totally sucks since I talked it … [Read more...]

Happy Friday!!!

I can't post much because I am out the door...on the way to San Simeon and then San Francisco!I will have many pictures of delicious food soon. Look out sourdough bread bowl! … [Read more...]

Fiber Loaded Day

I ate a lot of fiber so far today! No, like a lot a lot, like too much, like I'm going to be sorry later kind of fiber...I was a little hungry this morning despite the cherries I ate, so I had a high fiber muffin. These little babies have like 12 grams of fiber! Lunch was a veggie burger on an alternative bagel. Another fiber alert! These bagels have 8 grams of fiber. Plus some … [Read more...]

Today I love … vacaciones

Morning! I went for a short short run this morning so I wouldn't be too tired for tomorrow. Then, I walked the perros for about 35+ minutes.Breakfast was a mix of cereals: mostly TJ's High Fiber O's and a sprinkle of Clifford Crunch and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. I have such a love/hate relationship with cereal. I do love it, but I am not sure if it is the best choice nutritionally … [Read more...]

Wednesday Recap

After so many snacks on Wednesday morning I decided on a light lunch. I had a ton on broccoli with hummus and a peach. I heart greek yogurt. It's so thick and creamy. I mixed it with a naner and a little bit of Splenda, since I had a little bit left from a packet. I have a problem. I wanted a bite of a Cliff Bar, so I had some of this mini Cliff Bar. The picture shows what I … [Read more...]