The Spot

The Spot is a vegetarian restaurant in Hermosa Beach. It has been around forever, but I just discovered it. Here is a picture of the restaurant. Yes, it is just a block away from the beach. I don't work that close to the beach, it's about a 10 minute drive.I went there for lunch today and started with some Split Pea Soup. They are not only a vegetarian restaurant, but a very … [Read more...]

Today I love … comfy shoes

I am not wearing comfy shoes today, but I wish I was. I felt good this morning and my stomach was growling after I ran. I think I need to eat less at night and have a snack before my morning run. I will work on that. Breakfast was 1/3c oat bran topped with brown sugar and about 1 Tbsp. almond butter. I don't refrigerate it so it's all gooey. I also had a bite of Ben's … [Read more...]

Mahi Mahi

Dinner was at Mustard Cafe. I had the Tartihi Sandwich. It tasted so fresh and flavorful. It had freshly grilled mahi mahi and tartar sauce on whole grain bread. Normally I would have asked for it without the tartar sauce because it is so high in calories and fat, but it was 8:30pm by the time we were eating and I was starving. Actually, I always make some kind of modification … [Read more...]