Today I love … Watermelon

Morning! I started my day with a nice walk with Rox and Bay leaf (aka Roxy and Bailey). Rox is on the left and Bailey is on the right. Breakfast was 2 Kashi waffles and some egg beaters. I also had some watermelon while I was cooking. I put a lot of ketchup on my food. That's sf syrup on the waffles. When I got to work I had about 2 bowls like this of watermelon. I have a … [Read more...]

Later dinner

I had some grapes on the way home. They aren't too sweet, boo.I ran a bunch of errands after work and didn't get home for dinner until after 9pm. I wasn't starving though, which I thought was weird. The last 2 nights not withstanding I never eat this late. When ever anyone wants to have a late dinner I always say sarcastically, "What, do you think you're European?" (Just … [Read more...]