Today I love … Camping

Here is our campsite ^ above. I will talk about where we went camping and give a review tomorrow.Below is a pic of me going into the out house. Yeah, that's pleasant. I wish I could learn to hold it for 24 hours at a time.This is how to eat while camping, a PB & Banana sandwich on a whole wheat english muffin. I actually only had a bite of this and a bite of the Cliff Bar ( … [Read more...]

Friday was a disaster…

Friday was a disaster... Really.I started with a short bike ride (about 4 miles) and a short run (about 2.5 miles).Breakfast was a Tbsp of PB, vanilla yogurt and 3/4c Flax Plus all mixed up. It was good, but I don't know if I would have it again. I like PB to be more powerful a flavor and it kinda gets lost. Estimate: 300 calories On the way to work I picked up some mango and … [Read more...]