Today I love … water

I noticed as I was downloading these pictures that sometimes I eat things because I think I should. I make myself eat it because it's healthy or because I need protein or something like that. The problem is I don't really want these things so I end up not satisfied and I ate unnecessary calories. Boo.Breakfast was 1/3c oat bran made with almond milk and topped with 2 tsp brown … [Read more...]


Despite getting home at 3:30am last night I got up and went for a 5.5 mile run Sunday. It felt so good after a rest day. Breakfast was 1 cup almond milk with a mix of cereals: 3/4c Flax Plus, 1/2 GLCrunch, 1/4c Natures Path Granola and a huge orange. I ended up eating the orange with lunch. Estimate: 390 Lunch - I stole some of Ben's Togo's sandwich. I didn't get my own because … [Read more...]

Palm Springs – Saturday Night

On the way to Palm Springs we stopped at Hadley Orchards. They have a big sign that says they have world famous Date Shakes and every time I pass by on my way in or out of Palm Springs I want to stop there. Finally we did! Of course, we got a Date Shake to share. They also have a store with a bunch of dried fruit and nuts and things. I scored a package of Wheat Berries. Kath … [Read more...]