Today I love … feeling 100 percent

Woo woo! I am back full force. It is so nice to not feel like crap. Seriously.21 Days until my beach vacation!!!Today's run was slow, I guess my legs didn't feel 100% yet. I just did an easy 5.5.Breakfast was watermelon on the way to work. I had a mix of cereals with almond milk and a naner at work. (I took the picture together with leftover watermelon for reference.) Estimate: … [Read more...]

Wednesday Recap

Wednesday I was back in business, sort of. I tried to run, but it was still a little painful since I didn't exactly fuel myself well yesterday and because my body was still recovering from Monday night's violent shaking. I ran about 2 miles and took the perros for a walk. Breakfast was a mix of cereals : Clifford Crunch, Fiber One Carmel, Flax Plus and some Shredded Wheat with … [Read more...]

Tuesday I felt like crap…obviously.

Coming back from a horrible night of projectile vomiting and other disgusting bodily functions...I ate half a banana because I was feeling weak and like crap over all. I also had 1/2 a cup of this cereal. It's for kids :). I was not hungry, but the weak feeling was making me feel tired and sick. Then, I had the bright idea to have some yogurt. I thought the healthy bacteria in … [Read more...]

This is what almost killed me…

w I ate this on the way home Monday night. It is basically a piece of veggie lasagna, rice, curried potatoes and 1 piece of tofu. Something in here made me sick. By the time I got home I had no desire to eat my salad. I took a couple of bites of the pasta in the bottom right corner and 1 of the chickpea sticks, but that is all. I ended up having to throw all of this away. Yeah, … [Read more...]