Now I feel like crap…

Lunch was a Lean Cuisine - Szechuan Style Stir Fry with Shrimp. I like their Spa Cuisine line because they use whole grains or brown rice. This one had whole grain pasta. It was okay. I put it over 1 and 1/3 cups broccoli for more veggies. A little while later I was falling asleep. I ended up going to bed late last night (late for me anyways). I had the other half of my Lara … [Read more...]

Today I love … being a sweaty beast

I can't help the fact that I sweat profusely! I don't really love it.I was such a sweaty beast on my run today. No, really I was like drenched. I hate that I sweat so much I feel like such a man. Note to self: "Buy a running skirt so you don't look like such a man while running in public." I did about 6 today. I am still pretty slow this week. I don't know if it's because of … [Read more...]