Today I love … water

I am super thirsty today.Confession:I have a confession to make. I have fallen off the quiting diet soda wagon. I drank 2 diet sodas yesterday. Boo.I did 6 miles today. Felt good, it was cool and overcast out, which is a nice change from the heat. Yesterday it was 76 degrees at 7am!Breakfast was about 1c Flax Plus, a naner, a little Nature's Path granola and 1c skim. I am so … [Read more...]

Monday Recap

I'm a little behind on posting so here is Monday's recap:I went for a long walk of about 5.5 miles in the morning. Breakfast was yogurt with Flax Plus cereal. Plus some cherries when I got to work :) Lunch was a big salad. All I had was lettuce so I went to the building's cafeteria and got about a Tbsp of each : sprouts, kidney beans, corn and hard boiled egg. I topped it with … [Read more...]