The BF vs. Monica

The BF sent me an email last night with what he ate for dinner. It included the recipe and a picture of his food. He thought it was funny since it is in such contrast with what I eat. The subject line was BF vs Monica.I am putting it on the blog to show how freakin' hard it is to eat healthy when I am around this guy all the time. He swears anything with meat, eggs and cheese … [Read more...]


This morning I couldn't figure out if I was hungry or what. I ended up having a hard boiled egg, which I think is random. Who just eats an egg? That just got me started so I had some Kashi crackers and PB. I would say may be 1 Tbsp of PB, probably less. So good! Now I am going for a walk with some work peeps. It's a beautiful day here. … [Read more...]

Today I love … cherries on sale

My legs have been a little tired lately. Today my run was just okay, ended up with an easy 6. It was a little windy which doesn't help either. In the beginning I just feel tired and it takes a lot of effort to get started. Boo.Breakfast was 1/3c oatbran with almond milk and brown sugar. I might try to make myself stay with this during hot weather because it is so filling. I had … [Read more...]

Food Review

Amy's Bowls Pasta Shells - This is one of my favorite Amy's Kitchen meals and that is saying a lot because I love all their stuff. This meal tastes so decadent. I always feel so "bad" when I am eating something cheesy. If they weren't so pricey I would live off of them.Considering how cheesy and rich the shells and the sauce taste the nutritional infomation is pretty decent. … [Read more...]