Today I love … being an up-to-date bloggy

I am back in business friends! I finally have the blog up to date and am totally on top of things.
I feel current and relevant and successful. Okay, may be I am going too far there, but I am glad to be here!

I went for a short bike ride with the BF first thing this morning. It was about 5.something miles. Then, I went for the same distance run.
Breakfast was oat bran made with almond milk and topped with brown sugar. Very filling. I was hungry this morning and wanted the most filling breakfast I could make quickly.
Today was a “Breakfast Club” day at work where 2 people team up to bring in breakfast for the office. It is always full of junk and sooo tempting. I had half of a half of doughnut and a couple of strawberries. In my defense I always smell doughnuts when I run in the morning. Both I and the BF live near a doughnut shop, so no matter where I run they tempt me. “Why?” I think during my run. So, I’ve been craving a doughnut anyways and I thought this is better than stopping and getting a whole one by myself or worse – more than one.

I had a yogurt and some watermelon – this was supposed to be the rest of my breakfast.
The doughnut’s siren song got me again. I really wanted something with pink frosting, so I cut off a little piece of one and had it with coffee. It was so good, but that is it for me on the doughnut front for a long time! Please help hold me accountable!


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