Today I love … my best friend

Happy Saturday. Today I'm hanging out with my best friend :) She lives out of town and we don't get to see each other that often. It's her sister's baby shower today and I'm crashing it to steal her away at the end. See you guys in a bit. … [Read more...]

Peanut Style

Dinner was a chicken peanut stir-fry with ww couscous and a salad. I forgot to thaw the tofu to make it a tofu stir-fry, so I just went with the easy way. By the time I got to the BF's to make dinner it was 8:30p and I'm used to eating like at 6:30p -Early Bird special style. Anyways, this was delicious. I actually got the idea for the peanut sauce recipe from Couch Cubicle :) … [Read more...]


I caught Vegas mid yawn. I found these at the 99cent store today and thought I'd give them a whirl. They are little cans of hummus. One is Sun Dried Tomato and the other is Spicy. I also found these Simple Harvest granola bars too. Score! These are a lot more than $.99 at the regular store. I ate half of one on the way home and then the rest after lunch. They are very good and … [Read more...]

Happy Friday

Hi! Hope everyone is good :) I started today with a 45 minute walk with the perros and some abs.I stayed over my mom's and made Matt breakfast. I made him a breakfast pizza. It's eggs on the bottom for the "crust" and I topped it with spaghetti sauce and cheese. My breakfast was oatmeal made with almond milk and bananas and topped with 1 1/2 tsp brown sugar and PB. I like the … [Read more...]

Thursday Recap

After work I hung out with my friend Susan. We are trying to figure out what we're going to do with our lives - serious business. I ate some grapes on the way. Here's a a picture of the grapes for your viewing pleasure. By the time I got home it was after 10pm and I was super hungry. I just wanted something super quick. I went with a quick can of chicken noodle soup and … [Read more...]


There is something wrong with me. I have this set of things I eat and when I deviate from foods I've deemed as "okay" it completely ruins the rest of my day. I don't know how to allow myself to eat healthy with a treat or a meal that is not healthy without completely throwing the whole day in the trash. This is a bad habit that comes from my all or nothing approach to food. I … [Read more...]

Ped Egg

I am the proud new owner of a Ped Egg!The Ped Egg removes callouses and dead skin from your feet. I know it sounds gross, but this is flip flop season and we all want our feet to look decent! (Well, more than that I want my ass to look decent, but this is a more attainable goal.) My friend Adriel has recently become obesessed with TV informercials. The Ped Egg is his latest … [Read more...]

It's still Wednesday …

Hi, it's me Monica. It's still Wednesday and I still need to find a new job. What's going on with you guys?My afternoon snack was watermelon. I shouldn't have to tell you that I ate more than is pictured here. Snacky habit - I always grab random food when I get to my mom's. It's a really bad habit. Today it was a couple of handfuls of Kashi Trail Mix. Dinner was a piece of … [Read more...]


I can't tell if I am hungry or dehydrated. My lunch was pretty big and I was super full after eating, but now I feel hungry. Hmmm. I hate when this happens. I need to start listening to my body all the time so I can tell what my stomach is trying to tell me. I've spent so many years eating for reasons other than hunger that it's hard to tell. Boo. … [Read more...]

Wednesday Lunch time

Remember when you were a kid and people would ask you what is your favorite subject in school? One of my friends would always say recess or lunch. (I think I said computers or English or something like a dork.) Ha! I thought about that right now and realized my favorite part of the day now is leaving work. I hate my job, have I mentioned that repeatedly lately? Because I do.I … [Read more...]

Today I love … safety pins

I need a safety pin for the back of my dress and cannot find one! Anyways, I guess I'll just let my little boobs hang out today. I hope no one is offended.I did a short run and part of the Biggest Loser video this morning. I actually really like that work out. I just did one part of it, so it was probably about 20 minutes. I need to get more cross training in so this will … [Read more...]

Tuesday recap

I had watermelon for an afternoon snack. I served myself this plate and then ate some more. I am a fiend. I have been craving a good bowl of oatmeal, so that was dinner. I made it with almond milk, banana, some cereal on top, brown sugar and PB. It was so delicious and filling. I was FULL after eating this. I love how oatmeal does that. I also grabbed some PB Puffins while … [Read more...]

Today I love … my perros

Hi everyone! I am in the middle of a mid-life crisis of some sort, but I'm trying to work it out. I will post about it soon. I'm making a pros and cons list first.I did a couple of miles this morning, like 2 or 3 and then took my perros for a 45 minute walk. It was nice :)Breakfast was cereals with almond milk and grapes. *I got hungry at work so I had half a piece of bread … [Read more...]

Today I love … dirty grapes

Wow, I need to get it together! Sorry I have taken so long to post. I will be a good blogger from now on! Thanks for understanding. I don't really even have an excuse, I was just super busy on Friday - working from home, watching Matt, doctor's appt, errands. Then, Saturday was crazy too, sleeping in, watching TV. Just kidding - I had to buy a dress for the white party, went to … [Read more...]

Weekend Recap

For blogging purposes we are going to pretend like Friday and Saturday didn't happen. It's just going to take too long to catch up and I ate like shit anyways. No, really bad. I haven't been very bad with my eating in a while and I just felt myself falling into old habits. I have definitely used food as something other than fuel in the past. I started doing this again over … [Read more...]

Today I love … water

Hola! Happy Thursday.I started the day with an easy 7 miles. Felt good :)I had a couple of handfuls of PB Puffins when I got back. Breakfast was oat bran, the last of an open bag, (with a spoonful of Coach's Oat's to make a full serving) and almond milk, brown sugar and a few raisins.Very filling :) But too hot for this weather. How long will my other bag of oat bran last? I … [Read more...]