Today I love … everything

I had a great run this morning, did about 11. I felt good the whole time and even finished strong and considered doing more. I need to pin down a training plan so I have more direction and purpose to my runs. Whenever I have a good run I look to what I ate from the night before. That Chinese food may be my new magic beans.Breakfast was Flax Plus, Kashi and Nature's Path granola … [Read more...]

Friday Failure

So, I failed. I was one of the last ones in the office and it was just me and the brownies. Apparently the brownie explosion party was an ice cream and brownie sundae feast. Luckily, I avoided most of it, but I did end up having a brownie and an oreo. Boo. It wasn't that good either (no offense to who ever made it). I think I'm more of a chocolate chip cookie girl. I dunno. … [Read more...]