How NOT to lose 10 pounds

Even in this short amount of time I have learned so much from this blog. I am completely honest about what I eat because I want to learn what habits I need to change and why I am doing things that are keeping my from my goals. Sometimes this means posting things I am embarrassed about. This is not easy for me, but it will make losing weight easier. Just looking back on the … [Read more...]

Today I love … electricity

I'm working from home today because the electricity in our office is out. I love working from home, but I wish I hadn't had to drive out there to find out.I did about 4 miles and 5 hill repeats this morning. Breakfast was Flax Plus, 3 tbsp Nature's Path granola and a little Kashi with skim milk. Estimate: 330 calories I had a baggie of cherries because I love them after a pit … [Read more...]

Snacky Sunday

Sunday was very "snacky" for me. I didn't eat a real lunch, so I felt unsatisfied all day.Since I did a long run yesterday it was just a 45 minute walk with the dogs this morning.I made a breakfast burrito with egg beaters and a ww tortilla - topped with Tapatio and ketchup and a little bit of cheese.I had half of this bar. Notice the chipped nail polish - it will change before … [Read more...]

Saturday Night Recap

I wanted something sweet after dinner so I had one of these Swirl Stix. They are only 57 calories each! But, my sweet tooth was not satisfied so I started picking at the candy in the candy bowl (at my mom's). These are my candy tracks. Boo. Damage: minis of a 3 Musketeers, PB kiss, dark chocolate and Mr.Goodbar. I didn't think my sweet tooth was going to stop so I had some … [Read more...]