Today I love … fitness mags

I got 2 magazines in the mail yesterday and I was so excited. Let's see if I can make myself wait to read them so I can take them for in flight reading. Yeah right, I usually go through new magazines within 45 minutes of getting them.I did an easy 6 today, it was nothing exciting.Breakfast was yogurt with a banana and Flax Plus and Kashi Good Friends mixed together. It wasn't … [Read more...]

Rest of Monday

I had a yogurt with cereal mixed in for a snack. I would say about a cup or so because I kept adding more as I ate it. Estimate: 300 calories.Then, I snacked on this stuff while cooking dinner. The whole baggie of watermelon and a couple of handfuls of the other stuff. Estimate: 150For dinner I made a chicken noodle casserole thing that I knew Matt would eat. I used whole wheat … [Read more...]