Sunday in Florida

Greetings from Florida! So far, so fun. Who doesn't love beautiful beach locales?I started the day with the same route I took yesterday morning. It's between 6 and 7 miles, I don't know exactly. I have to get up pretty early for it to be bearable.We had plans for a big brunch so, I just had a little cereal with skim milk so I wouldn't be too hungry. We weren't going for at … [Read more...]

Saturday in Florida

I went for an hour run first thing in the morning. Florida is crazy! It is so hot. I was completely drenched in sweat - like I jumped in the pool wet. Sick. It feels a lot harder to run here because my sweat doesn't dry and cool me off. I'd rather be covered in salt (my dry sweat) than my hot sweat. Isn't that attractive? I just lost all hope that this blog will find me a … [Read more...]