Wednesday – Today I love … being home

I am back in business, sort of. I got 4 hours of sleep last night. I only ran 4 miles today, because I figure you shouldn't run more miles than the hours you've slept the night before if you didn't get a full 8. New rule.I had a couple of handfuls of Kashi Good Friends while making oat bran. This is 1/3c oat bran with almond milk and brown sugar. It was okay. I think I'm over … [Read more...]

Traveling Tuesdaily

We weren't leaving until 6pm so we had time for some fun stuff on our last day on Marco Island. I started the day with a little run. I am getting used to tolerating the humidity - a little. Tuesday is the BF's mom's b-day so his sis and I made breakfast. It was mostly his sis, but I did make the smoothies and toast!I started off with a smoothie. I also snacked on some Panda … [Read more...]

Florida Mondaily

I was able to run on Monday in the crazy Florida heat and humidity. I am a California girl so this humidity kills me. I love the heat, but southern California is a desert so I am used to dry heat.After that hot run I made a smoothie for breakfast. I randomly threw things we had in the kitchen in the blender: banana, kefir, strawberries, skim milk, ice, a little juice. It hit … [Read more...]

Sunday Recap

I know this is after the fact, but I do want to recap my meals for my vacation to see how I eat when I am off my schedule.Dinner was chicken, a roll and some mashed potatoes with a big salad with a bunch of good stuff including, mushrooms, tomatoes and cottage cheese. We celebrated the BF's mom's B-day with chocolate cake and ice cream. I also had a cookie (or 2) over the … [Read more...]