If Oprah can…

I read that Oprah is doing a 21-Day Cleanse in which she is eliminating caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten and animal products from her diet. She decided to do this after reading Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston. The author suggests doing this to become a more conscious eater.So, I figured if Oprah can do it, so can I. I read the blog she is keeping while doing this and was a … [Read more...]

Thursday Lunch

I went to TJ's on my lunch to pick up a few things and had some PB Puffins on the drive back. I have enough cereal, but can never resist PB Puffins, especially when I am shopping on an empty stomach. Lunch was a veggie burger wrap with broccoli and hummus. I put way too much broccoli on my plate. Now they are just sitting here staring at me because I feel bad throwing them … [Read more...]

Today I love … funny jokes

I want to laugh today. I need some funny jokes. Where is my friend Adriel?I woke up today feeling a little better. I caught up on some sleep since I was in bed by 10pm. That was nice, but I am still a tiny bit dragging. It's a combo of bad eating yesterday and bad sleeping the previous week.Breakfast was a mix of cereals with chocolate almond milk (it was all I had) and half a … [Read more...]

Random Snacks

The rest of my day consisted of random snacking. I thought I was hungry so I had some crackers with PB. It is hard to tell if I was really hungry though, because I was so tired and probably dehydrated too.I made a veggie burger with mustard and ketchup for some protein. I was hoping this would stop my "snacky-ness". Over the course of the morning I had this bar. They are really … [Read more...]