Saturday – All day

Happy Weekend!I took today as a rest day and slept in a little. I've been tired from getting home from Florida on Tuesday night very late, so it was nice to catch up on rest.I did take a walk with the BF to pick up some foodies from the store. Breakfast was TJ's high fiber O's with some panda puffs, raisins, banana and almond milk. I ate the rest of my cherry stash after the … [Read more...]

Friday Recap

I started lunch with something healthy so I could eat trash the rest of the day. Of course, by trash I mean delicious cookies and stuff. Here is broccoli and hummus. I also had a PB&J sandwich on sprouted bread. Oh no! I am out of PB! What am I going to do? Ha, I scared you there huh. I actually already have another jar waiting for me. I may not keep up on the latest … [Read more...]