Makeovers all around!!!

I just realized two of the most important people (or dog) in my life recently had big makeovers. I thought I would post some before and after pictures so I can compare which look I prefer.Here is Roxy before, notice her long, black, flowing locks... Here is Roxy after. Notice her baldness... Here is the BF before, notice his curly fro... Here is the BF after, notice his lack of … [Read more...]

Today I love … CHERRIES!!!

Hello! Happy Wednesday everyone :)I started today with a couple of speedy strides around the local park - need to get some speed work in. I would run fast (I don't want to call it sprinting) around the long portions and walk the short ones to recover. Then, I walked the perros for 30 minutes.Breakfast was Kashi waffles with an egg (cooked in knock off Pam) and a naner. I heated … [Read more...]

No more cherries!!!

So, I'm all out of cherries. I ate the rest of my stash this afternoon. No cherries, no watermelon - I am going to have to at least get a watermelon to keep me happy. They are pretty cheap at Cost Co. I also finished off the box of Kashi crackers I had at work with some PB. There were probably about 5 left. Dinner was veggie ground and beans (pinto) with salsa. I also topped it … [Read more...]