Today I love … water

Hola! Happy Thursday.I started the day with an easy 7 miles. Felt good :)I had a couple of handfuls of PB Puffins when I got back. Breakfast was oat bran, the last of an open bag, (with a spoonful of Coach's Oat's to make a full serving) and almond milk, brown sugar and a few raisins.Very filling :) But too hot for this weather. How long will my other bag of oat bran last? I … [Read more...]

Recap Wednesday

I wasn't really hungry, but was planning on staying at work a little late so I had some plain yogurt and cherries with agave. I am trying to eat my yogurt before it goes bad - don't want to waste it. Dinner was a HUGE salad topped with a Boca chik'n pattie. These are very good. I also had some Kashi crackers on the side. These are the crackers.I had one last diet ginger ale … [Read more...]