I can't tell if I am hungry or dehydrated. My lunch was pretty big and I was super full after eating, but now I feel hungry. Hmmm. I hate when this happens. I need to start listening to my body all the time so I can tell what my stomach is trying to tell me. I've spent so many years eating for reasons other than hunger that it's hard to tell. Boo. … [Read more...]

Wednesday Lunch time

Remember when you were a kid and people would ask you what is your favorite subject in school? One of my friends would always say recess or lunch. (I think I said computers or English or something like a dork.) Ha! I thought about that right now and realized my favorite part of the day now is leaving work. I hate my job, have I mentioned that repeatedly lately? Because I do.I … [Read more...]

Today I love … safety pins

I need a safety pin for the back of my dress and cannot find one! Anyways, I guess I'll just let my little boobs hang out today. I hope no one is offended.I did a short run and part of the Biggest Loser video this morning. I actually really like that work out. I just did one part of it, so it was probably about 20 minutes. I need to get more cross training in so this will … [Read more...]

Tuesday recap

I had watermelon for an afternoon snack. I served myself this plate and then ate some more. I am a fiend. I have been craving a good bowl of oatmeal, so that was dinner. I made it with almond milk, banana, some cereal on top, brown sugar and PB. It was so delicious and filling. I was FULL after eating this. I love how oatmeal does that. I also grabbed some PB Puffins while … [Read more...]