There is something wrong with me. I have this set of things I eat and when I deviate from foods I've deemed as "okay" it completely ruins the rest of my day. I don't know how to allow myself to eat healthy with a treat or a meal that is not healthy without completely throwing the whole day in the trash. This is a bad habit that comes from my all or nothing approach to food. I … [Read more...]

Ped Egg

I am the proud new owner of a Ped Egg!The Ped Egg removes callouses and dead skin from your feet. I know it sounds gross, but this is flip flop season and we all want our feet to look decent! (Well, more than that I want my ass to look decent, but this is a more attainable goal.) My friend Adriel has recently become obesessed with TV informercials. The Ped Egg is his latest … [Read more...]

It's still Wednesday …

Hi, it's me Monica. It's still Wednesday and I still need to find a new job. What's going on with you guys?My afternoon snack was watermelon. I shouldn't have to tell you that I ate more than is pictured here. Snacky habit - I always grab random food when I get to my mom's. It's a really bad habit. Today it was a couple of handfuls of Kashi Trail Mix. Dinner was a piece of … [Read more...]