Ped Egg

I am the proud new owner of a Ped Egg!

The Ped Egg removes callouses and dead skin from your feet. I know it sounds gross, but this is flip flop season and we all want our feet to look decent! (Well, more than that I want my ass to look decent, but this is a more attainable goal.)

My friend Adriel has recently become obesessed with TV informercials. The Ped Egg is his latest discovery. He ordered it online and due to some zany, unbelievably good television offer (only available if you call right now) he got 2 for the price of 1! So, I scored the extra Ped Egg! Woo-woo! When you open it up it has a file that you rub on your feet. The bottom of the file comes off and catches all the dead skin so you can just trash it. (Just be sure to go up and down and not side to side.) It’s actually really cool – there is this white powder that collects in the bottom container. In some sick way it’s rewarding to see all the dead skin you took off. That is gross, but truthful.
Anyways, I was so excited about my new grooming toy I thought I’d try it right away. Here I am demonstrating how to use the Ped Egg. It seems there is some foot fetish co-worker who really enjoyed this demonstration – Adriel!
Thanks Adriel, my feet feel like a baby’s bottom because of you.


  1. chandra says

    You know, I’ve been wanting to buy one of those SO BAD because I have had the thickest calluses on my feet forever after years of waitressing and now running. But, I’m afraid to “scrape away” my calluses fearing I’ll get blisters there when I run. Do you think that would happen? Let me know how it goes for you, I might buy one this weekend!

  2. Runeatrepeat says

    Yeah, I’ll let you know if it gives me blisters or irritation while running. I don’t think it should be that bad since you control how much you want to scrub off.

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