I caught Vegas mid yawn.

I found these at the 99cent store today and thought I’d give them a whirl. They are little cans of hummus. One is Sun Dried Tomato and the other is Spicy.
I also found these Simple Harvest granola bars too. Score! These are a lot more than $.99 at the regular store. I ate half of one on the way home and then the rest after lunch. They are very good and have pieces of what seems to be candied nuts stuck in them for sweetness. The nutritional profile is eh: 160 cals, 7g fat, 2g fiber, 3g protein. I like more fiber and protein for that many calories in a bar. Luna bars are only 20 cals more than these and have better numbers. But, if you want a granola bar these are a tasty option. Lunch was a ww wrap with turkey and guacamole. I also had some carrot coins with the spicy hummus I just bought. This hummus is not good, it was very bland. Boo. Hopefully the Sun Dried Tomato flavor will be better.

Dessert was another one of my new favorites – 72% chocolate. The world is a brighter, happier place when I eat these.
In the afternoon it was time to cut up my beast of a watermelon. I think this one was the biggest I’ve every bought. Here is a picture of all the watermelon I will consume in the next 48 hours give or take.

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