Recap Wednesday

I wasn't really hungry, but was planning on staying at work a little late so I had some plain yogurt and cherries with agave. I am trying to eat my yogurt before it goes bad - don't want to waste it. Dinner was a HUGE salad topped with a Boca chik'n pattie. These are very good. I also had some Kashi crackers on the side. These are the crackers.I had one last diet ginger ale … [Read more...]

Makeovers all around!!!

I just realized two of the most important people (or dog) in my life recently had big makeovers. I thought I would post some before and after pictures so I can compare which look I prefer.Here is Roxy before, notice her long, black, flowing locks... Here is Roxy after. Notice her baldness... Here is the BF before, notice his curly fro... Here is the BF after, notice his lack of … [Read more...]

Today I love … CHERRIES!!!

Hello! Happy Wednesday everyone :)I started today with a couple of speedy strides around the local park - need to get some speed work in. I would run fast (I don't want to call it sprinting) around the long portions and walk the short ones to recover. Then, I walked the perros for 30 minutes.Breakfast was Kashi waffles with an egg (cooked in knock off Pam) and a naner. I heated … [Read more...]

No more cherries!!!

So, I'm all out of cherries. I ate the rest of my stash this afternoon. No cherries, no watermelon - I am going to have to at least get a watermelon to keep me happy. They are pretty cheap at Cost Co. I also finished off the box of Kashi crackers I had at work with some PB. There were probably about 5 left. Dinner was veggie ground and beans (pinto) with salsa. I also topped it … [Read more...]


This morning started with a easy 6. I didn't feel like running at first and just wanted to walk, but I got warmed up and just kept going.Chocolate Cereal!Breakfast was Kashi Good Friends, a handful of PB Puffins and a sprinkle of granola. I didn't have a regular AM open, so I used the chocolate AM again. These are apricots from my tree. So good. I had 2 when I got to work. I … [Read more...]

Monday – All Day

Today was a rest day so I took a little walk this morning.Breakfast was Kashi Go Lean, naner and almond milk. I also had some watermelon :)I got a little hungry before lunch so I snacked on a couple of Kashi crackers.Lunch started with broccoli and hummus. Raw broccoli gives me gross burps. Ha. I know that's gross, sorry. I made couscous salad this weekend for lunches during … [Read more...]

Puppy Makeover!

My brother didn't tell me, but he took the dogs to get groomed on Saturday. When I came home on Sunday I discovered my dog had a makeover. Roxy (on the left) got a full summer haircut. Bailey got a wash - he had never looked so white and shiny! When Roxy plays fetch with us Bailey chases her so he can jack the ball from her. They're fighting over it here. Look at Bailey, he … [Read more...]

Sunday Accountability

I want to recap Sunday so I can keep track of my weekend eating. Nothing exciting.I started the day with an 11 mile run. I felt really good :) I need to start upping my long runs.Breakfast was toast, 1 piece with PB and chocolate chips the other with butter stuff. And I made a PB and naner smoothie with almond milk. Heaven in a glass. I ate watermelon after getting ready to go. … [Read more...]

Food Challenge

So, I just went through my bank statements for the past month to break down how much money I spent on food. I don't keep track of what I buy and I should have a better idea of where my money goes. Also, I use my debit card for everything so, I don't actually see the cash leave me hand.I went though my grocery store purchases and added them up since the 16th of May. I thought it … [Read more...]

Forgetful Mondaily

So, I forgot my camera cord at the BF's! That means I can't post my Sunday meals/snacks or today's foodies until tonight. Boo! I apologize for being such a dumb head.I am really bummed too because my brother surprised me and took our dogs to the groomers where Roxy got a makeover. She looks so good. You'll have to wait in suspense until tonight.Happy Monday! … [Read more...]

Saturday – All day

Happy Weekend!I took today as a rest day and slept in a little. I've been tired from getting home from Florida on Tuesday night very late, so it was nice to catch up on rest.I did take a walk with the BF to pick up some foodies from the store. Breakfast was TJ's high fiber O's with some panda puffs, raisins, banana and almond milk. I ate the rest of my cherry stash after the … [Read more...]

Friday Recap

I started lunch with something healthy so I could eat trash the rest of the day. Of course, by trash I mean delicious cookies and stuff. Here is broccoli and hummus. I also had a PB&J sandwich on sprouted bread. Oh no! I am out of PB! What am I going to do? Ha, I scared you there huh. I actually already have another jar waiting for me. I may not keep up on the latest … [Read more...]

Day 1 – Breakfast

I am going to start this cleanse officially today because I'm not sure if the soy-cream sandwich I had last night should be on the list because of the added sugar. I will check out the ingredients to decide later. I did about 4 miles today with 5 stairs.Breakfast was Kashi Good Friends with AM and a handful of PB Puffins. I had to get some cherries this morning when I stopped … [Read more...]

So, I am a mess

My camera battery died this afternoon and I was not able to take pictures of my food for the rest of the day. Boo. Luckily, I basically eat the same thing all the time so I have pics on file.I had some PB with Kashi crackers... ...and watermelon at some point when I was hungry. Then, I decided to face my fears! I returned to the Whole Foods food bar for dinner. Dun, dun, dun … [Read more...]

If Oprah can…

I read that Oprah is doing a 21-Day Cleanse in which she is eliminating caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten and animal products from her diet. She decided to do this after reading Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston. The author suggests doing this to become a more conscious eater.So, I figured if Oprah can do it, so can I. I read the blog she is keeping while doing this and was a … [Read more...]