Skirting the skirt

I don't own a running skirt. I have always thought they would be uncomfortable, "ride up" or emphasize how manly I look while running. I thought people would say, "Why is that sweaty guy wearing a skirt?" But, I really like wearing skirts and dresses in my daily life. On mornings when I am going to run I wake up and pull on my dingy "white" technical running shirt and sweat … [Read more...]

Kashi Honey Sunshine

I finally tracked Kashi's new cereal down! It's called Honey Sunshine.The appearance of the cereal resembles a sugary old timer: Captain Crunch. The main difference between Kashi's new cereal and Captain Crunch is the nutrition info. Kashi's cereal is made with whole grains, there are NO artificial sweeteners and it is 6g sugar per serving. A 3/4c serving of Honey Sunshine has … [Read more...]

Today I love … Watermelon

Happy Tuesday! This morning started with a 7 mile run. Some guy was trying to pass me and finally got right next to me and said, "You don't make it easy to pass." That made my day and my run! Run like an animal!I could not decide on breakfast today. I really wanted muesli and put some oats to soak before I went for my run, but I didn't have anything good to mix with them - no … [Read more...]

Monday Recap

Lunch Monday was a Asian Chicken salad, but I lost the picture - so here is a replay from dinner on Saturday. It didn't look this nice in my Tupperware at work.I also had a lot of cherries on the side. Okay I know I keep saying it, but this might be the last of the cherries of the season. Maybe, these are super sweet and delicious. I think I got a bad batch last time and spoke … [Read more...]

Today I love … being back in action

Hello Everyone! Sorry I've been so bad about posting last week. I am back on track and a posting machine. I have so much to catch up on! Also, since I was so stressed last week I learn a lot about myself and my eating. I was so busy in the mornings and afternoons for a couple of days that the normal times when I eat my snacks came and went and did not miss them at all.I don't … [Read more...]

Highlights of stuff you've missed…

Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of days. Last week was very crazy and by crazy I mean bad. I was getting in trouble at work and was super stressed out. Let's not forget I do not like my job one little bit, so to get in trouble constantly at a place you can't stand anyways makes one want to either tell everyone to go F themselves or jump off a bridge. In order to prevent me … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Bumpers

I have tried Peanut Butter Bumpers in the past and liked them, but here's a review for your reading pleasure... This food find combines two of my favorite things: PB and cereal! It was on sale yesterday and I wanted a sweet cereal to mix with my healthy cereals so this seemed like a great choice. The cereal looks a little like Kix, but is lightly coated with Peanut Butter … [Read more...]

Wednesday – Today I love … being happy

Happy Wednesday! I started the day with 6 miles. I think I said the other day that I finally had a good run, well I lied. Today was a good run. I felt good the entire time. My legs had a ton of energy. I felt fast. I could have done more. This is why I run, because it makes me feel like this. I can't even describe the feeling, but I love it.Breakie was a mix of cereals: Flax … [Read more...]

Quick Tuesday Recap

Hello everyone sorry I was MIA yesterday. I am super stressed out about trying to figure out what I am going to do with my life. I am debating between going back to school or just finding a job in the industry I want to get into. It's complicated.Breakfast was oatmeal with banana, skim milk, brown sugar and some PB. Heaven. This is an amazing combo. I don't think I can ever get … [Read more...]


I'm here, but I am way too busy to get in a good post right now. Sorry everyone :(Let me get some things done and I should be back in a bit. Hope everyone is having a good day. … [Read more...]


Dinner was Soya Chorizo. It's vegetarian chorizo and it totally tastes like the real thing! This is amazing because real chorizo is normally full of questionable parts of the pig or cow and is super greasy. This stuff is made by the same company that makes real chorizo so all the spices and flavors they put in it make it taste so good. But, first my daily...I started the day … [Read more...]

Bad Weekend…

So, I totally blew it the entire weekend! I am super stressed and feel out of control of my life. I know I have a pattern of trying to get control of things through food. I feel like I have no control of what is going on, but I can control what I am eating. Often for people with disordered eating, this would mean restricting, but my disordered eating patterns are more of a … [Read more...]

Missing Dark Chocolate Dreams

So, I could have sworn that I bought an entire jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams just a couple of days ago, but somehow I only have half a jar now. Hmmm. That's odd. I wonder what happened to it?Lunch was Butternut Squash soup... actually this soup said Best By January 08 but I still ate it because I like to live dangerously. Then, I had a bunch of sides: broccoli with hummus, … [Read more...]

Crazy Clothese Thursday

Matt is going to Vacation Bible School (VBS) this week. Yesterday was pajama day and today is Crazy Clothes Day. Okay, are they just making stuff up now? Pajama Day I am familiar with, but dress like you belong in the Psych ward day? That's just strange. Anyways, I helped get him dressed crazy style and this is the best I could come up with: No wait, we added a hat to up the … [Read more...]

Word up Wednesday

So, there was chocolate b-day in the afternoon, which I managed to avoid. I did not however avoid more Dark Chocolate Dreams on a piece of bread + some random tastes :) Dinner was tofu, veggies and couscous. I love this combo because I love all these food individually. I have to admit that I ate a bunch of tofu and couscous while cooking though, so I had a lot more than this. I … [Read more...]