Thursday/mess around at work day

Sideways breakfast! I don't know why but the pic of my bowl of fiber one, shredded wheat and nf milk wants to be sideways. That's fine with me. I made these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies this morning from one of those gifts in a jar. I just had to add apple sauce (subbed for butter), one egg and some vanilla. They came out very light and bready - I hope the BF likes them. I am … [Read more...]

I totally thought I already posted Wednesday

I thought I posted my Wednesday, but apparently not. Oh well, sorry for the delay... I'll just recap quickly and move on to today's stuff :)I did 7 miles today, nothing special to report back. Breakfast was a mix of Flax Plus and PB Puffins with nf milk. I am almost done with these and will think about what I should do about my breakfast situation before buying more. Cherries … [Read more...]