Today I love … band-aids

Hello and Happy Tuesday. How is everyone? I am okay, a little tired and a lot sick of my j.o.b. I know I keep complaining about it and I am sorry, but it sucks! I am looking for something new, but I don't want to just jump from the frying pan to the fire, so I am going to make a good move.Breakfast started with a lot of watermelon. I was cutting it this morning and at more than … [Read more...]

Monday Recap

Sorry for the delay! I was super busy at work/trying to find a new job yesterday. I do want to post my daily for accountability - especially after a very indulgent weekend! Monday morning started with a short 3m run and a bike ride with the BF (about 5.5m).Breakfast was oat bran made with a banana and topped with brown sugar and milk to cool it down. I had a yogurt when I got … [Read more...]