Today I love… cereal

Hello! Since I am on the west coast I always feel like I am so behind in posting since other bloggers practically already have their dinner up!I have been feeling sick since last week: tired, upset stomach that stuff. I have not felt like running since Thursday. I got up and made myself do 6m today, but I suffered through all of it. Boo. I don't know what's up with me. I might … [Read more...]

Snacky Tuesday

So, after my PB&J lunch I was still hungry! I ate half a Luna bar to fill me up. I would hate to think that my current favorite lunch is not filling enough! Since I got my chocolate tooth started... I had a piece of dark chocolate. I bought a HUGE bad of these from Cost Co. I am hoping that even though I have 563 pieces of chocolate they will help with portion control. My … [Read more...]