Run like an animal

I found this while searching for random running things online. I love it and thought I would share... If you can't read it this is what it says: Ever notice how it's always runners who find dead bodies?Joggers mostly stick to gentrified stretches of pedestrian walkways,where they can exchange greetings with in-line skaters or purchase a snow cone if the fancy strikes them. … [Read more...]

Today I love …my Mom, Michael and Matt

My mom and Matt are back from vacation today and I'm picking them up from the airport today after work. Also, it's my other brother, Michael's birthday today! Happy Birthday! We're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. We always make a cake for the birthday boy/girl, but my brother requested Cinnabon! Ahhh! Why would he do this to me? I recently had Cinnabon while at the … [Read more...]

Beans, beans the musical fruit…

Wednesday's lunch was 3 parts and all delicious! I started out with a bunch of cherries. These babies are super sweet. My main course was TJ's organic Black Bean Soup. I love this stuff. It is very filling and tasty. The whole can has about 200 calories and lots of fiber and protein because of the beans! I always eat soup with either crackers or bread, but I didn't have any. I … [Read more...]