Finally Friday!

Hello and happy Friday everyone! I am kind of ditching work - working from home because I have to get an oil change. So, I started the day with a 9 mile run that was brutal. I need to figure out why my runs have been so painful lately? Maybe not enough sleep/rest? I know it can't be for lack of fueling!Breakfast started with a Jamby! I love Jamby more than any other smoothie … [Read more...]

Cinnabon Dinner

So, here are the Cinnabons for my brother's birthday. I put sprinkles on them to make them festive. A Cinnabon Birthday Cake! I was forced to eat a ton of frosting while transferring them from the box to this platter. It has got to be full of horrible fats, but I figure on my death bed my biggest regret will not involve eating too much frosting! Here are my 2 brothers while we … [Read more...]