Kashi Honey Sunshine

I just found out about this new Kashi cereal online. I haven't tried it yet, but knowing Kashi like I do, I'm sure it's amazing. It looks like Captain Crunch, but given the nutritional profile - a lot healthier. A healthy version of a great sugary cereal - who can ask for anything more?!I am planning on picking some of this stuff up tomorrow and will promptly give you guys my … [Read more...]

PB oatmeal

I started this Monday morning with a 5.5mile run. I hadn't run in a couple of days because I just haven't felt like it. It felt great to run. I needed the endorphins. I think the reason I haven't felt like running lately is because I am depressed. This actually occured to me while running. I don't feel like getting out of bed and running like I always do. Hmmm. I need to: 1. … [Read more...]

Snacky Sunday

Sunday started with a handful of cereals and a waffle with PB followed by a 75 minute bike ride outside. It was a beautiful morning. I grabbed some grapes when we got back. Cha for Tea! We love this place lately. The BF and I started with some fancy tea smoothie type drinks with Bobas. We ordered a blended Thai tea and an Almond Black Tea - both with the Bobas on the bottom. … [Read more...]

Taco Party Saturday

I went to my BFF's party Saturday night. Here's what I thought about her taco party:Ha! I got this cartoon from Natalie Dee. She is hilarious. Just kidding Cindy! I needed an excuse to use this.I didn't have milk or yogurt at the BF's so I made cereal with cottage cheese, PB Puffins and Shredded oats, blueberries and a splash of his whole milk. I also had a bad chocolate chip … [Read more...]

Friday night movie

Lunch Friday was tuna! I got my car's oil changed and was shopping around for over 2 hours. I was super hungry when I got home and ate a whole can of tuna with a little lf mayo and relish and some thin Triscuits. My cat smelled the tuna and insisted on sharing my lunch. I also snacked on a little bag of trail mix. Dinner was a bunch of chips while cooking, then fake chicken … [Read more...]