Cherries on Tuesday

Hello! I forgot to take a picture of the cherries I ate with breakie so here is a lovely pic from the past. I had a bowl of a mix of cereals with nf milk. Seriously, there are like 5 different kinds of cereal in there. I just got a cup of coffee and have taken 2 sips. I probably won't drink it because I don't like the aftertaste. I just got it because it sounded good and … [Read more...]

Short, sweet and to the point

Hello everyone! I want to make this post quick because I am super busy today. Here's my Monday recap... Actually, I ate more than what is here, but don't have the pics for other snacks I snuck in.Lunch was a turkey sandwich on ww with lettuce, mustard and a little lf mayo. Sometimes a simple, hearty sandwich is super satisfying. I also had a yogurt with lunch. I am not usually … [Read more...]