Highlights of stuff you've missed…

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple of days. Last week was very crazy and by crazy I mean bad. I was getting in trouble at work and was super stressed out. Let’s not forget I do not like my job one little bit, so to get in trouble constantly at a place you can’t stand anyways makes one want to either tell everyone to go F themselves or jump off a bridge. In order to prevent me from ending it all my amazing BF sent me flowers to work. These are “just because” flowers. I call them “Just because I have the world’s best BF flowers”. Seriously, how freakin’ lucky am I? I was extra happy because a while back I told him how much I love Star Gazers and he totally remembered and got my an arrangement with them. He’s always been a roses guy before this – which I love too, but this was so special since I just mentioned it in passing. I love how some of them were still opening up :) Beautiful! Thanks BF!
Now for food highlights…
I got a Jamby with granola on top after a long run this weekend. Smoothies and granola together combine my 2 favorite things. I was pretty much in heaven…

I also ordered a Sourdough Parmesan Pretzel from Jamby to add to the experience. So good!
“Movie Theatre” Popcorn! I don’t get this very often – I know it’s super high in calories and fat. Normally I sneak in my own bag of popcorn. I actually love microwave popcorn. I eat full size bags of the 98% fat free stuff like there ain’t nothing wrong. But, a couple of times a year you have to say, “Fuck it” and get some buttery, artery clogging Movie Theatre Popcorn. Seriously, I suggest all of you do this once a year, maybe twice – but no more than that. I don’t want you all dying on me.


  1. Runeatrepeat says

    It’s funny because I never knew what they were even called until recently. I was just like, “I like those flowers that look like a star.”

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