Kashi Honey Sunshine

I finally tracked Kashi’s new cereal down! It’s called Honey Sunshine.The appearance of the cereal resembles a sugary old timer: Captain Crunch. The main difference between Kashi’s new cereal and Captain Crunch is the nutrition info. Kashi’s cereal is made with whole grains, there are NO artificial sweeteners and it is 6g sugar per serving. A 3/4c serving of Honey Sunshine has 100 cals, 1.5g fat, 6g fiber, 6g sugar and 2g protein. I do still consider this a “sweet” cereal more than an everyday staple. But, the fiber and calorie counts are very impressive. The cereal is sweet and crunchy without being too sweet. The flavors taste natural and eating it with milk brings out the sweetness of the small cereal pillows. I actually like to eat this cereal plain or with milk.


  1. just me says

    i’m jealous! i can’t find this one in any of my grocery stores! it sounds sooooo good though! i’ll have to keep looking for it!

  2. says

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