Monday Recap

Lunch Monday was a Asian Chicken salad, but I lost the picture – so here is a replay from dinner on Saturday. It didn’t look this nice in my Tupperware at work.I also had a lot of cherries on the side. Okay I know I keep saying it, but this might be the last of the cherries of the season. Maybe, these are super sweet and delicious. I think I got a bad batch last time and spoke too soon. Even though I had super sweet cherries with lunch I still wanted something else sweet so I had a few pieces of dried mango. This stuff is better than candy!I had a yogurt mixed with high fiber cereal for an afternoon snack. I don’t think I was hungry, but just doing it out of habit. This is something I’m working on, but it’s a process. Rice Krispie Treats! I made these for work and handed them out in the afternoon. I made them with Choco-nilla Rice Krispies which is why they are colored this way. They turned out great! Unfortunately though, this cereal has High Fructose Corn Syrup, one of my big no-nos, but I didn’t have time to make anything more complicated.

Of course I ate one!
Dinner started with some broccoli for the veggie requirement…
I had a veggie burger and a ww english muffin for the main course. I did eat both halves of the muffin, at first I wasn’t going to so I only pictured half – but it was so good I went back for the other half!
Dessert – I popped a bag of Smart Pop Kettle Corn, but my apartment microwave is weak, so it only popped about 2 cups of the stuff.
I also had a VitaTop :) Oh no! I am almost out and told myself I wasn’t going to buy more because they are so expensive. What will I do for a sweet nighttime treat?!

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