Skirting the skirt

I don’t own a running skirt. I have always thought they would be uncomfortable, “ride up” or emphasize how manly I look while running. I thought people would say, “Why is that sweaty guy wearing a skirt?” But, I really like wearing skirts and dresses in my daily life. On mornings when I am going to run I wake up and pull on my dingy “white” technical running shirt and sweat wicking shorts with the built in undies. These clothes have been good to me. They do their job and keep me from getting rashes or chafing. They also don’t ride up or bunch up in places they are not supposed to. I love my running clothes, and I have a lot. I have a whole drawer dedicated to running clothes. This is important to my life. When I come back drenched in sweat from a good run I take a shower and very often I put on a skirt or dress. I think it looks “nicer”than my black pants and it covers and doesn’t accentuate my ass, which no matter how much I run will remain a dookie booty. But, why if I am completely comfortable in skirts every other time, can’t I run in a skirt? Hmmm. Maybe I can.

There is an article on Runner’s World today about how popular skirts are for female runners. I don’t know, I kind of like the idea of a running skirt. I’m actually thinking about getting one if, after close examination in a fitting room, it passes the “ride up” test of course.

What do you think? Running skirt – good idea or bad?


  1. Hangry Pants says

    Hi. I’m a new reader. I also thought they were weird at first, but I’ve seen other people wear them and they look cute. If it will make you feel better when you run, then go for it. Re: riding up – I assumed there were like some spandex shorts under there anchoring it down, no?

    That cereal from your previous post – filling at all, or more like dessert?

    – Heather

  2. chandra says

    I love my running skirt, I find it to be completely comfortable! I have a few friends who don’t so much love them though… I bet that helps your decision, huh? :)

  3. lizzy says

    hey, I’ve never read your blog before either…but really like it and kudos on the running(so hard for me)! i think you should get a running skirt, it sounds like you want to!! if you do please let us know how you end up liking it!

  4. Runeatrepeat says

    Hangry Pants – I would say it’s more like a dessert/treat cereal. It’s pretty light and airy in texture unlike some hearty cereals.

    Ooooh! I totally want to get a running skirt now! Thanks for the feedback.

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