Today I love … Watermelon

Happy Tuesday! This morning started with a 7 mile run. Some guy was trying to pass me and finally got right next to me and said, “You don’t make it easy to pass.” That made my day and my run! Run like an animal!

I could not decide on breakfast today. I really wanted muesli and put some oats to soak before I went for my run, but I didn’t have anything good to mix with them – no fruit, nuts or anything! So, I ditched that idea and made cold cereal. I mixed Kashi, Ezekiel and Wheat Puffs with almond milk. I really love the way almond milk tastes, but I’ve been trying to stay away from it so I get some protein from milk in the morning. This is my last container of it, I have to decide if I will buy any more.
I had about 16 pounds of watermelon when I got to work.
Have a great day, see you later :)


  1. Sarah says

    way to go with the running this morning! I sort of had a running competition myself today. I passed this girl and that must have pissed her off so a few minutes later she comes whizzing by my—then I got pissed so I sped up to overtake her. This went on quite a few times until she finally gave up. Victory is sweet!

  2. Runeatrepeat says

    Sarah – ha! good for you :) Keep it up I know it’s not easy to pass someone when you’ve already been out running for a good distance.

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