Today I love… tweezers

because I have a unibrow.Breakfast was a mix of my 30 dollars worth of cereals with nf milk and a naner. I was good, but not sweet enough. I am used to throwing in a little bit of sweeter cereal in the mix, so I sprinkled a little splenda on top. Opps. Cherries :) I was getting hungry pretty early so I had some almonds to hold me over till lunch. I may or may not have also had … [Read more...]

Victorious Tuesday!

So despite the fact that I couldn't stop "tasting" PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams throughout the afternoon, I consider this day a success. That's because I ate dinner and had 1 piece of chocolate and called it a night.I started dinner with hummus and broccoli. I love this hummus and can never go too long without it. Dinner was this Soba noodle bowl thingy and some salad. It … [Read more...]

This post may change your life…

Disclaimer: This blogger is not responsible if reading this post causes you to become addicted to the following product, sell everything you own to get your hands on it, perform disgusting sexual favors to get money to buy it and proceed to live in the gutter while dreaming about your next fix.Okay, so imagine you're in heaven and multiply that by a million times of happiness … [Read more...]

Tuesday Lunch and Shnacks

I picked up a bunch of new cereals during my lunch and grabbed a few tastes while driving back. My new stash includes Ezekiel cereal, some Nature's Path super high fiber cereal, Optimum Slim and regular wheat puffs to add volume. I seriously dropped like 20 bucks on cereal right now. Then, I get back to work and read some article on SparkPeople regarding how to save money. One … [Read more...]

Cherries on Tuesday

Hello! I forgot to take a picture of the cherries I ate with breakie so here is a lovely pic from the past. I had a bowl of a mix of cereals with nf milk. Seriously, there are like 5 different kinds of cereal in there. I just got a cup of coffee and have taken 2 sips. I probably won't drink it because I don't like the aftertaste. I just got it because it sounded good and … [Read more...]

Short, sweet and to the point

Hello everyone! I want to make this post quick because I am super busy today. Here's my Monday recap... Actually, I ate more than what is here, but don't have the pics for other snacks I snuck in.Lunch was a turkey sandwich on ww with lettuce, mustard and a little lf mayo. Sometimes a simple, hearty sandwich is super satisfying. I also had a yogurt with lunch. I am not usually … [Read more...]

Kashi Honey Sunshine

I just found out about this new Kashi cereal online. I haven't tried it yet, but knowing Kashi like I do, I'm sure it's amazing. It looks like Captain Crunch, but given the nutritional profile - a lot healthier. A healthy version of a great sugary cereal - who can ask for anything more?!I am planning on picking some of this stuff up tomorrow and will promptly give you guys my … [Read more...]

PB oatmeal

I started this Monday morning with a 5.5mile run. I hadn't run in a couple of days because I just haven't felt like it. It felt great to run. I needed the endorphins. I think the reason I haven't felt like running lately is because I am depressed. This actually occured to me while running. I don't feel like getting out of bed and running like I always do. Hmmm. I need to: 1. … [Read more...]

Snacky Sunday

Sunday started with a handful of cereals and a waffle with PB followed by a 75 minute bike ride outside. It was a beautiful morning. I grabbed some grapes when we got back. Cha for Tea! We love this place lately. The BF and I started with some fancy tea smoothie type drinks with Bobas. We ordered a blended Thai tea and an Almond Black Tea - both with the Bobas on the bottom. … [Read more...]

Taco Party Saturday

I went to my BFF's party Saturday night. Here's what I thought about her taco party:Ha! I got this cartoon from Natalie Dee. She is hilarious. Just kidding Cindy! I needed an excuse to use this.I didn't have milk or yogurt at the BF's so I made cereal with cottage cheese, PB Puffins and Shredded oats, blueberries and a splash of his whole milk. I also had a bad chocolate chip … [Read more...]

Friday night movie

Lunch Friday was tuna! I got my car's oil changed and was shopping around for over 2 hours. I was super hungry when I got home and ate a whole can of tuna with a little lf mayo and relish and some thin Triscuits. My cat smelled the tuna and insisted on sharing my lunch. I also snacked on a little bag of trail mix. Dinner was a bunch of chips while cooking, then fake chicken … [Read more...]

Finally Friday!

Hello and happy Friday everyone! I am kind of ditching work - working from home because I have to get an oil change. So, I started the day with a 9 mile run that was brutal. I need to figure out why my runs have been so painful lately? Maybe not enough sleep/rest? I know it can't be for lack of fueling!Breakfast started with a Jamby! I love Jamby more than any other smoothie … [Read more...]

Cinnabon Dinner

So, here are the Cinnabons for my brother's birthday. I put sprinkles on them to make them festive. A Cinnabon Birthday Cake! I was forced to eat a ton of frosting while transferring them from the box to this platter. It has got to be full of horrible fats, but I figure on my death bed my biggest regret will not involve eating too much frosting! Here are my 2 brothers while we … [Read more...]

Run like an animal

I found this while searching for random running things online. I love it and thought I would share... If you can't read it this is what it says: Ever notice how it's always runners who find dead bodies?Joggers mostly stick to gentrified stretches of pedestrian walkways,where they can exchange greetings with in-line skaters or purchase a snow cone if the fancy strikes them. … [Read more...]

Today I love …my Mom, Michael and Matt

My mom and Matt are back from vacation today and I'm picking them up from the airport today after work. Also, it's my other brother, Michael's birthday today! Happy Birthday! We're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. We always make a cake for the birthday boy/girl, but my brother requested Cinnabon! Ahhh! Why would he do this to me? I recently had Cinnabon while at the … [Read more...]