Friday recap

So, I worked from home Friday again and it was less than perfect, but not totally tragic. I did stand in front of the cupboards a couple of times and eat chips out of the bag. I didn't binge on cereal or other crap. So, I am making progress, but not at where I want to be.I woke up hungry and had a naner with PB. Here is a representation:I took a long walk with the dogs since I … [Read more...]

Recipe Question – Lemon Cake

The BF's B-day is coming up next week. He has requested lemon cake for his birthday cake. I should have never asked him what he wanted because I was hoping to make chocolate :) Just kidding, now I'm craving an amazing lemon cake...Anyways, does anyone have a good tried and true recipe for Lemon Cake? It has to be a winner because I am trying to impress (myself more than … [Read more...]

Happy Thursday

I am working from home today, which means I will be a little too close to my kitchen and lots of foodies! Ahh! I am going to stick to my plan and really listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. I will NOT eat because I am stressed or bored or tired or lonely or mad or anything besides hungry. I'll keep ya updated on how I do.I think my cat and dogs are happy to have me … [Read more...]

Crazy Day – Wednesday

It is still crazy over here! Anyways, I was running late as usual, and decided to skip making cereal or oatmeal to eat in the car and just grabbed a yogurt. and some blurry strawberries. Nice photography Monica! But, really you should give me a break since I was driving. On the freeway. In California. During morning rush hour. You get the idea. I made oat bran when I got to … [Read more...]

Lots of pics = Lots of food!

It is very stressful around here right now. At work we are moving offices so we have to pack up and get out by Wednesday. At home I have to sign up for a weekend class for the GRE, sign up for the GRE, write some articles for internships I want to apply to and figure out how I am going to pay for aforementioned class and test. I am so overwhelmed and it showed up in my eating. … [Read more...]

Here's the deal…

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a restful weekend. I did :) I actually have this lingering illness that I can't figure out. I have a ton of congestion (isn't that disgusting) that won't go away. I hate it because I feel like there is a bunch of stuff in my chest that I can't get out (again, disgusting, sorry). Ahh! It is very annoying and I have been trying to get over it, but it … [Read more...]

Sunny Sunday

I woke up pretty hungry and made a nice breakie for the BF and I...eggs with onions and mushrooms topped with cheese and toast. Yum! It is so good to have a savory breakfast. I should make eggs more often. We went for a bike ride after breakfast. I was hungry shortly after returning and finished off the cherries :) Okay, these might be the last cherries of the season since I … [Read more...]

Random things

Like I said before my friend Matt is moving to Boston - TODAY! Isn't that crazy? Anyways, I got him a cake on Friday to wish him a farewell. Notice the writing, "Enjoy the Weather...Good Luck Matt" That was our big joke about him leaving sunny southern California for Boston. He's actually origin all from there, so it's not that big of a deal to him. I however, am toying with … [Read more...]

This may happen to you…

This is what we do to people who go on vacation at my work... There you are having a nice little holiday in Hawaii you plan to come back to work refreshed and rejuvenated...but when you return to your desk...BAM! It has been decorated like a float in the Macy's T-day Parade. This is what you get for having a fun week off! Ha!Actually, this is all the handi-work of one of my … [Read more...]

Thursday Breakfast – Today I love … my chipped nails

Happy Thursday, I got in a very good run this morning and took the dogs for a quick around the block too! Breakfast was oatmeal with WHEAT BERRIES - I finally made them! - plus a naner, a little almond milk, brown sugar and PB added after the picture was taken. Now that I have put PB in my oatmeal I can't stop! Every time I have oats now I start to eat it and then stop and get … [Read more...]

Wednesday, all day

So, I get a call early Wednesday that the computers are down at work and I should work from home. Yeah! But, not really, because I am pretty stressed right now and being at home ALL DAY with too much comida is not good. Boo. I would say see below, but I neglected to take pictures of what made the most damage - snacks!Breakfast started out okay - cereal, naner, nf then some … [Read more...]

Walking Club

Here is a picture of the guys I walk with during lunch. From the left: Matt, Miguel, Me and Terence. Matt is moving to Boston next week and we are all super bummed so we wanted to capture a picture of our Walking Club before he left. The guys are trying to throw up WC for walking club with their hands, I know we're lame. I did one of my signature Spice Girls moves - the Peace … [Read more...]

Interesting Article

I was a cheerleader in jr. high and high school and coached for a little while in college, so I have a big love for the sport. I came across this article today regarding how dangerous cheerleading is and the lack of regulations in the sport. I agree that it can be very dangerous and I have seen girls blow out their knees and have teeth knocked out from it - so I know first … [Read more...]

Today I love … when my throat isn't sore

My throat started hurting last night and I HATE it! I knew it was coming and lo and behold I woke up this morning with a slight sore throat. BOO. Anyways, I had a bad 6m run this morning, but I am trying to stay on schedule so I ran anyways.Quote of the day: "Life is short, running makes it seem longer" - Baron Hansen I think it's funny and true :)I ate a bunch of watermelon on … [Read more...]

Monday Dinner

I had some fruit in the afternoon - apples and grapes. But, then after the fruit left me with an empty feeling in my stomach so I had a handful of trail mix. Isn't that so weird that apples can make you hungrier than you were before? The BF had a stressful day at work and decided we should go out for dinner. A good drink was the only requirement for dinner so we decided on … [Read more...]

Monday Lunch

Lean Cuisines were on sale this weekend 5 for 10 dollars, which is great! I bought 342 of them and that's what I was planning on eating all week for lunch. But, when I put them in the work freezer this morning I remembered that I had this one that has been there for a while. So, even though I was excited for a LC meal I ate this one. It was delicious, I love TJ's frozen meals. … [Read more...]