This morning I tried Kraft Bagel-fuls Whole Grain. I heard about these when they first came out and was really curious to give them a whirl. I normally try to stay away from super processed foods like this, but I figured one package wouldn't kill me. I love bagels and cream cheese, but normally stay away from this breakfast because it is high in calories and low in protein and … [Read more...]

Happy Tuesday :)

I started today with a couple of miles and a few strides thrown in for fun. Then, a walk with the perros :)I totally forgot until yesterday that I bought Bagel-fuls a while back. I purchased them a few weeks ago and at the time I was super excited to try them. Finally this morning I made one to go with my 3 egg white scramble. When I got to work I had a lot of cherries, … [Read more...]

Sharing with Matt

This weekend Matt, my mom and I shared a package of Milano cookies. I don't remember ever having these before, but I might have. I wanted to post this because Matt is a doll :) Here are the cookies. There are 3 in an individual package so we each got one. A good way to not over do it! … [Read more...]