Yo quiero breakfast!

After a bad 6 miles this morning I was running super late. I normally make breakfast at home and eat it on the way to work when I'm late (which is always). But, I didn't even have time for that today, so I grabbed a plum from my bag and ate it while driving. When I got to work I made oat bran with 1 egg white and topped it with brown sugar and PB. I don't know if it was … [Read more...]

Bunny Victory!

Dinner was easy - leftovers from this weekend. We had some leftover grilled chicken and rice and I just added a simple salad to it. The piece of chicken was pretty big so it was very satisfying. The only bad thing was when we made the chicken we also grilled up a bunch of veggies to go along with it, but I ate them all! There is something about grilled veggies that I cannot get … [Read more...]

Red cane cola

Look at my cool new sandwich holder! I bought a whole new lunch box and a bunch of tupperware. I was super excited to pack my lunch on Monday. What a nerd - I know. Anyways here is some of my new lunch tupperware. I'll show you my HUGE new lunch box tomorrow. No really, it's HUGE. Like, I should be embarrassed about how big it is. My friend wanted to do a coffee run this … [Read more...]