Matt and Me cookies

Matt brought home this book today from a used book sale: Good for You Cookies by Jane Marsh Dieckmann. There was one "No-bake Cookie" recipe in the book that seemed super easy so we decided to see what we had in the cupboards and create our own no-bake cookies. This is what we came up with: Matt and Me cookies:1 cup powdered milk1/2c PB1/2 maple syrup1/2 fiber Cereal … [Read more...]

Food Stealer

Lunch was nothing exciting, but I loved it - PB&J, a peach and carrots. I was still a little hungry so I had a piece of bread with more PB&J. Then, I started stealing food. Okay, not really stealing, but my friend offered me some of her fries and I couldn't say no to thick diner fries! I am not a machine. Sorry, no pic of the fries, but they were good :) Then another … [Read more...]