Lot's of snacks…

I had another snack at work. Opps! I wasn't even hungry, but since it was my planned snack I ate it. Dinner was a mix of leftover pastas. I had one lemongrass garlic noodle dish from P.F. Changs from lunch on Monday and spaghetti that my mom made last night.I started dessert with a chocolate popsicle thingy. Then, I had a VitaTop and some ice cream (no pic). I was totally … [Read more...]

Fancy Lunch

I had a business lunch to attend today. This is my second lunch out this week! I normally always bring my lunch so this throws my whole schedule off! I started with this bread crisp thing and half of the little panini bread shown here. They were both just okay. Boo. For lunch I ordered tortilla soup. I took off a lot of the tortilla strips because they were stale and not worth … [Read more...]