Finally Friday

Almost through another week of a job I hate. I need to get out of here, but as it looks right now it might be the best idea to stay till January. Boo.Today was a rest day, so I just took a walk with the dogs. Breakfast was a mix of cereals with nf milk and naner. I got hungry mid morning and ate some of this - like the name says it is TEMPTING!!!Look at the delicious chocolate … [Read more...]

Jacked up

So, the eyebrow girl talked me into dyeing my brows because they are so light. I have big ol' eyes and it does look better for me to have thicker eyebrows, but you can't see them because they are so blond. It's weird my eyelashes and brows are super light so I look like an albino without make up. I need to post a pic for you guys of me without make and with makeup. Most people … [Read more...]