Monday Lunch

Lean Cuisines were on sale this weekend 5 for 10 dollars, which is great! I bought 342 of them and that's what I was planning on eating all week for lunch. But, when I put them in the work freezer this morning I remembered that I had this one that has been there for a while. So, even though I was excited for a LC meal I ate this one. It was delicious, I love TJ's frozen meals. … [Read more...]

Today I love… English Muffins

I have always loved English Muffins, but lately I want to eat them everyday. It kind of throws off my schedule because I want to eat cereal everyday too! It's so hard to choose between 2 of my faves.How was every one's weekend? Mine was great! The BF was working so I had the chance to hang out with my friends :) I don't do that enough and I totally miss it. On Saturday my … [Read more...]